Thursday, September 17, 2009

moving dju

djuwearit moved to onsugar !
drop by and say hello.
i will be waiting.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

s☆y it like you mean it

the uprising following the presidential election in iran have been watched and supported by people of every nationality and creed as well as leading musicians, entertainers, writers and thinkers.
now fashion followed the suit.
italian haute couture designer guillermo mariotto wears "neda alive" tshirt as he takes a bow, while models wear a green ribbon and raise their hand with v signs, in honor of protesters killed in iran during the uprising.

beautiful iran, our hearts and thoughts are with you.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

feeling h☆ute hot h☆ute

zevs's liquidated logo exhibition opened at art statements gallery in hong kong and the artist got arrested for putting a huge dripping chanel sign on armani store's facade just days before the opening.
vandalism? irony? shock value? brand meltdown? what do you see?
i see a powerful message that we shouldn't take everything so seriously, especially in fashion.
i also think: look, its so hot that even cool labels are melting.
but that's only because i am in dubai and it's 45C outside.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

we like to p☆rty

had loads of fun shooting this, with natasha carella and zahra soar visiting our set in club alpha and the blacksheep rehearsing in background.
talented amanda vincelli is gone to new york to study at parsons and beautiful laura is conquering paris and might be signed by woman agency soon!
anna and tima are in dubai - do get in touch for your stylist/make up/model needs.
write to

copyrights reserved to amanda vincelli
styling by tima ouzden
makeup by anna
model laura

what choo looking ☆t?

just when you think you know h&m, it goes and does something like that.
reccesionistas everywhere will be very very happy come this fall, because h&m teamed up with celebrities favorite shoe brand jimmy choo.the accessories range will be complemented by a one-off capsule collection of jimmy choo womenswear, as well as a men’s range of shoes, bags and accessories.
i know some collaborations didn't do so well here in the middle east but i've got a feeling this is a winning pair, pardon , combination.
stilettos at ready, ladies. better yet, wear your comfortable shoes on november 14th.
see you there.

in the ☆ middle

only four days after president sarkozy declared that islamic dress is not welcomed in france, number of top european fashion houses unveiled { pun not intended } their collection of abayas at george v hotel in paris. models clad in creations by john galliano, alberta ferreti, nina ricci and blumarine walked the runaway { one model rode a white horse - bianca jagger moment right there } in abayas designed especially for saks fith avenue in saudi arabia. first batch of abayas, ranging from $5,500 to $11,150, will be given as gifts to saks most faithful clients. ready-to-wear versions of the robes will hit the sales floor in september, retailing for around $2,500.

will the designer abayas be a hit? i guess time will tell.
all i can add is that i have seen far more exciting abayas designed by local abaya makers, right here, in the middle east.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

let them eat c☆ke

i just came back from a wedding/holiday in italy and i am sort of obsessed with cannoli.and pasta.and wine.and indulging all five senses in general.
here is something yummy to brighten up your day and maybe inspire you to use your oven.

photographer therese aldgård and prop stylist lisa edsälv
tell me what's your flavour? took them 3 days to bake these cupc☆kes.